90% of of what I’ve gone through is all new and Cam helped with all of it. And it’s dealing with mental trials and tribulations that I’ve never dealt with before.

It wasn’t just the physical aspect of having MS, it was the mental aspect of being diagnosed with something that you’ve never been diagnosed with before. I was having spasms throughout my hospital stay. And so finally about the seventh day the doctor came in and was like ‘Come, we think you have MS. We ran all the tests and the blood work. Checkout is at three, have a good day.’ 

But again, it could have been in a foreign language. It could have been hieroglyphics.

So luckily for me, Cam was there where I could say, Hey, I’m feeling X, Y,Z , and she would say just lay down or take this or do that. And it was that sort of give and take.

She was like, yeah, if something doesn’t work or something is not right for you now, don’t do it and figure out the best situation that’s for you.” – Eric

“I have been taking on so many people’s emotional burden and I had not been making space for my own stuff, like my own feelings about things. And so literally we talked for about an hour and we got to the root of things really quickly because she is that perceptive, that intuitive… So I had a lot of negative self talk going on in my head and I’m also a chronic illness patient and so just navigating my own illness on top of everyone else’s stuff, it’s pretty heavy. And so I’m working with her and she’s amazing.” – J.

Jayme Testimonial

“Before working with Cam, I really felt like I was stuck in a cycle. I was making the same mistakes over and over again in business and in dating. And I didn’t really have perspective on how I should change my behaviors so that I could get the things that I wanted to out of life the main problems I was trying to solve. Really pertained to interpersonal relationships with my family, dating and in business colleagues.

I’m the happiest working with Cam when I can take her advice and sit back and watch things play out exactly the way she told me they would. It’s as if she has a bird’s eye view over all of the situations in my life. Since working with Cam, I’ve gained a much greater understanding of finances, my family and dating.

And to be honest, I’m thriving in all three right now because of her perspectives and the advice she shared with me. What has surprised me the most about working with Cam is her kindness and her patience. I can be very dense and she always sticks with me until I get it.

And I really feel like she cares about me. And the results, the results are evident in my life. Everything has gotten better since knowing her.” – Jayme