It’s the #1 thing I wish I would have done sooner in my biz...


Lemme guess: you keep hearing that you should “never work from bed,” and see your illness and pain aren’t going anywhere — if anything they will be a part of running a small business you’ve gotta hack. 

But what on EARTH do you do with the whole, “being a professional while living with serious health issues.” And do you even take meetings or clients while you’re still taking rest days and flare weeks? 

Will people even pay for that?

You’re ready to build or take your business to the next level, and you know you can’t magick more energy out of the air. 

Been. There. Two years ago, I had ZERO capacity to leave the house, sit up in chairs without pain, and no social media or email list. Fast forward, I’m talking to thousands each day and they fill my heart and give me a reason to keep going. 

What if I told you, you don’t have to do anything you can’t do physically?  There is so much that goes into building a sustainable business, but not many roadmaps include how to conduct a bitchin’ webinar from your bedroom.

Well, mine do. They also include regular naps, and the word ‘authentic’ figures prominently. 

Clients need what you want to offer. Waiting until you can work from Starbucks might mean waiting forever to bring your special gifts to the world, which sorely needs the combination of talent only YOU can bring.